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Our team includes high performance building specialists and software development wizards to create an accurate easy to use software with responsive support.

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Krishnan Gowri, Ph.D. CSM, LEED AP, Fellow ASHRAE Dr. Gowri is a building science and…

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WELL AP and LEED AP BD+C, is Senior Manager, Sustainable Services, for Holder Construction Company….

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Godfried Augenbroe has a 35 year track record of teaching and research in the building…

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“Dr. Carpenter, FAIA is an internationally recognized scholar, architect and educator. He has won numerous…

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Founder / CEO

Focusing on the crossover between architecture and technology, Patrick Chopson co-founded cove.tool, to make high…

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Founder / COO

Sandeep Ahuja, co-founder of cost and energy optimization software cove.tool, Inc.,  brings her experience on…

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Founder / CTO

Daniel leads the software development at cove.tool, Inc. and brings his passion of crafting high quality…