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Our plugin exports the basic building geometry from your Revit model and uploads it to an existing cove.tool project.

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  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Create a project, completing the steps up to Building Geometry (this is what the plugin will export)

In Revit:

  1. Open the 3D view of your model
  2. Switch to the Add-Ins tab on the ribbon
  3. Select “Update Login” under the cove.tool icon and follow the prompts to enter your login
  4. Select “Switch Project” to select the cove.tool project you just created
  5. Export individual geometry elements by selecting the appropriate option in the plugin dropdown

Return to the Building Geometry step in your cove.tool project and refresh the page – the appropriate fields will now be populated and you can continue with the next steps.

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Switch Project

Lets you associate a different cove.tool project with the current Revit model.

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Export Height

Exports the building height to the current cove.tool project. We calculate this using the elevation of the top floor. If this is not correct, make sure the building is situated correctly above the ground plane and try again.

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Export Roofs

Exports the selected roof areas to the current cove.tool project. All roofs should be exported at the same time for accurate results.

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Export Floors

Exports the selected floor areas to the current cove.tool project. All floors should be exported at the same time for accurate results.

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Export Skylights

Exports the selected skylight areas to the current cove.tool project. All skylights should be exported at the same time for accurate results.

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Export Walls

Exports the selected wall areas to the current cove.tool project. All walls facing a given direction should be exported at the same time for accurate results.

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Export Windows

Exports the selected window areas to the current cove.tool project. All windows facing a given direction should be exported at the same time for accurate results. Note that curtain walls are counted as windows.

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Update Login

If your cove.tool username or password changes, use this to enter the new information so that Revit can continue to connect to cove.tool.